Between the Chapters: Retrospective - THE END!

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This 25 Years of Ed Tech Audio Project has been a blast! Thanks to all of the community:
  • Readers of the chapters
  • Guests for the "Between the Chapters" book club episodes
  • The community of listeners
  • Martin Weller -- who let us remix his book!
We appreciate ALL of you and are grateful for your contributions in this @YearsEd audiobook project. Thanks y'all!
In this episode, you'll hear Clint Lalonde and Laura Pasquini give their 4 L Retrospective -- the things they loved, loathed, longed for, and Learned + what's next on the horizon of audio works.
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We want to hear from you, dear @YearsEd listener! Submit your audio reflections by May 15th to add your voice to the community audiobook project! #25YearsOfEdTech: Call for Audio Reflections When recorded, send a message or tweet. If/When we receive these audio reflections, you might see a few extra episodes in this podcast feed. :)
Podcast episode art: X-Ray Specs by @visualthinkery is licensed under CC-BY-SA. Remix by Laura Pasquini.

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