BONUS: #OERxDomains21 Panel: OER & the @YearsEd Project

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In contemporary journalism, if a news story is described as “having legs” it means it has the ability to evolve and remain relevant over a long period of time to a wide community. This concept of “having legs” can also be applied to the creation of OER as there is an embedded assumption by the creator of a work that, by assigning an open license to it, their work will become flexible enough to develop “legs” and continue to be successful on its own through adaptation and adoption by others. On this panel from April 21st we talk about the “legs” on #25YearsOfEdTech lessons learned and things to consider for OEP work. Apologies for the extra sounds, we forgot to turn off the Discord notifications so you will hear people coming and going from our channel. Enjoy!Listen to these podcast episodes to learn more about:We want to hear from you, dear @YearsEd listener! Submit your audio reflections by May 1st to add your voice to the community audiobook project! #25YearsOfEdTech: Call for Audio Reflections. When recorded, send a message or tweet.

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