The Official Eurovision Song Contest Podcast

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Brought to you by the EBU. The 64th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest is here. The world’s biggest live music event, brought to you by the world’s largest alliance of public service media. Last year’s competition was won by Israeli EBU Member, KAN. That means the 2019 competition will take place in the country’s non-stop city of Tel Aviv. For the first time ever, the European Broadcasting Union is giving you unprecedented access to the Contest. Talking to the people who bring the show from the arena stage, to homes all over the world. Find out everything you need to know about the competition. From the production assistants, to the producers, to the teams working for the delegations. We’ll put you right at the centre of the behind the scenes action at the expo in Tel Aviv. As well as bringing you what we think you might like to know, we want to hear your questions about how the Eurovision Song Contest works. You can send your questions on twitter to @EBU_HQ with the hashtag #ESCPodcast. Produced by Joe Mason for the EBU. With thanks to Amy Wong, Stefano Salucci, Corinne Sancosme and Noam Greshler. Music by Mcasso.

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