Ichimon Japan: A Podcast About Japan and the Japanese Language by JapanKyo.com

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Helping you better understand Japan and the Japanese language one question at a time. Every episode Tony and Ryan--two guys with master's degrees in Japanese Language & Linguistics--draw on their experiences in Japan and extensive research in both Japanese and English to shed light on all aspects of Japan. From the many interesting quirks of the Japanese language to obscure Japanese history, as well as busting misconceptions about Japan held by both Japanese peole and Westerners, Tony and Ryan cover it all. In the process they have a few laughs and sometimes even end up uncovering information that can only be found in Japanese. Episodes are released at least once a month (on the 7th). Bonus episodes are released on the 21st. Is there something that puzzles you about Japanese society? Or is there something in Japanese media/pop culture that you want us to explain? If so, then send an email with your question to ichimon@japankyo.com. While we can't promise that we'll be able to answer it, we'll definitely do our best to address it in some way. Ichimon Japan is a production of JapanKyo.com. For full show notes, visit japankyo.com/ichimonjapan.

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