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HEYO! The Richie Norton Show is designed to help you quit your job (if you want), own your time, life, work and happiness. Move from distraction to action with Richie and his world-class guests to 1) get clear on exactly what you want and how to have it, 2) never again regret how you spend your time as an entrepreneur, executive or employee 3) create loads of time and money through high-value entrepreneurship and lifestyle you can fully be there for your family, do good, stay red-hot relevant and travel the world. Whatever your dream, put it first, not last, on your list of things to do. It’s fun. ;) "This could change the way we live," Brené Brown blogged when she read Richie's award-winning book, The Power of Starting Something Stupid. Named by Dr. Marshall Goldsmith as one of the Top 100 business coaches in the world, serial entrepreneur and bestselling author Richie Norton will change your life by changing how you get paid. “He’s made a science of contrary thinking, in fact, or at least a strategy and a process.”— FORBES. Get “stupid” with Richie. Grab more free, practical strategies, tools and business model ideas to increase your productivity right here:

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