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Sandra is the writer behind @nd.narratives that was @theadhdgoodlife on Instagram, a page where she shares her experiences and insights from her late in life ADHD diagnosis and Autistic self-diagnosis as a Black femme and transracial adoptee. This podcast explores the unique experiences of neurodivergent people (particularly those who've been historically excluded from mainstream neurodivergent narratives), often considering intersectionality and social justice lenses while sharing tools and strategies to promote self-knowledge, self-acceptance, radical responsibility and self-love. Living in a society that wasn't made for neurodivergent brains in mind isn't easy, especially depending on the overlapping oppressions you must navigate. Sandra looks at ways that neurodivergent people can access their own inner knowing and lean into their differences so that they can access their strengths, manage their challenges and thrive along the way.

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