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Everyday we are faced with challenges. Challenges with your family, with you kids, with your career, with your confidence. Each week we will raise questions, provide thought provoking topics and actions that will help women transition from “Surviving” to Thriving life’s issues. We will discuss how to enhance your leadership style and gain the confidence to pursue your dreams. This is a no nonsense talk show where you will hear straight talk on how to challenge the status quo and create your future.
Carolyn will be focusing on you the listeners, gathering topics that you want to talk about. Carolyn is not afraid to talk about the topics that are out there today. She will bring on guests that will share ways to Ignite your will to win and change your mindset.. On each show, she will have a dose of “Life Served Weekly” with her segment called MamaC Says. In that segment the listeners will be calling in with experiences they are going through that are weird, strange or just plain crazy. We learn from one another and this gives us an opportunity to do just that. We will find we are not alone in dealing with these situations, and some things that make us say “Are You Kidding Me”. And men, don’t be afraid to listen in, we may be men bashing at times, but she will give you guys the same opportunity to speak your mind.. You will begin to understand how the female mind works and just how quickly it changes! Our listeners will take away after each show, things that they can do to reach for the stars and implement their VISION all while laughing and having a great time.
Carolyn J Rivera is a wife, mother, and career woman. She worked at Fortune 50 companies for over 30 years building and enhancing the skills of others and developing tomorrows leaders as a Vice President of Learning and Development. Carolyn has an MBA and a Masters in Human Resource Management which she completed while raising 3 wonderful children and working full time. Carolyn’s passion is coaching people on how to achieve results far beyond their initial expectations.
As a speaker, coach and innovator, Carolyn brings real life examples that connect with all different types of people After competing on the hit reality show of all time “Survivor” and finishing as runner up, she left the corporate world to be an entrepreneur bringing her message to people around the world. Whether as a keynote speaker, coach or a workshop leader, she helps people break through the boundaries that are limiting them and gets them ready to re-shape their future.
Carolyn can help you transform your tomorrow to VICTORY! Contact her at and she can design a workshop or presentation that fits the needs that you have today.

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