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Like Romance Novels? Want to find your next great read? Or maybe you just want to hear one person's opinion on if they liked the book or not. Join Heidi. Heidi doesn't hold back. Heidi expects Romance Novel's to be great books and she expects authors to create compelling characters. Hear her thoughts! This is a podcast to discuss romance books and give a review and rating. It is to help romance book readers find a next great read or new author to explore. Each podcast is broken into two sections: Heidi gives each book a Steaminess Rating using the PG, PG13, and Rated R system.Heidi's also ranks each book using her own ranking system.Heidi uses a 1-10 system with 10 as the best. Each of the following categories can get a point: characters, romance, plot, climax, pacing, dialogue, world building, mechanics, overall impression, and authorial voice. She did give one book a 0.There is a second section to some podcasts where there are mild spoilers about the book if Heidi needs to do a deep dive to explore what she liked or didn't like and give you the details on why. There is a brief music interlude to break up the podcast to let the listener know that spoilers are now going to be present.

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