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Therapy, Not Therapy is a podcast by three SisterFriends - EnerJi, Che, and Rochelle. Inspired by their ongoing group chat that serves as a safe place where they can create space for themselves and each other as Black and Brown adults and Creatives trying to make it in this life. So many of us need a place to process and could definitely benefit from engaging in regular therapy sessions with a licensed therapist, but for many reasons that support is not always available to us. This is why the “group chat” has become such an essential and sacred space for many to be our true and authentic selves - for better or for worse - without judgement or negativity. From the #GroupChat to the studio, join EnerJi, Che, and Rochelle every week for some Therapy, Not Therapy. We’re not licensed therapists but we’re here to help discuss, unpack, process and deal with “all the things”... So can we talk about it?? Produced and brought to you on the MPN Podcast Network by Mr. Al Pete and The MPN Network.

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