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//ABOUT THE SHOW//Bella's SoulFRESH is a sexy, soulful, blend of awesome! Not only do we play "NeoSoul" we also play what Bella likes to reffer to as "fringe tracks". Tracks that may not be classified as soul music but whether it's through the production or lyrics you can hear soul influences! //ABOUT THE HOSTESS//DJ Bella Scratch is an open format DJ who has been spinning since 2000, though music has been ingrained in her since she first picked up a musical instrument as a young girl. Bella is well versed in all genre’s of music with personal favorites being Soul and Hip Hop. But make no mistake, good music is good music…Rock, Country, Top 40, EDM, Trap, Latin, you name it, she can play it!! Bella has an uncanny talent for bringing your event to the next level. In addition to being your go to party DJ, with several different residency’s around her city. Bella Scratch is the host and creator of this weekly syndicated radio show Bella’s SoulFRESH, on KUVO 89.3 FM Denver and streaming world wide on THE DROP HD2. Musician, DJ, radio host, Bella Scratch is the definition of the whole package. When not DJ-ing, you can find her getting creative in other ways like cooking, graphic & web design, photography, and video editing.//MORE INFO//We are always looking for great music and new artists to support! All you need to do is email Bella via with your radio friendly tracks and promo with the subject line "New Music Bella" Even better if you send promo drops as well! If we like it we will play it!

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