Cross Talk: The Kurtis & Paula Show!

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Welcome to "Cross Talk: The Kurtis & Paula Show!" Listen in as we discuss life, love, marriage, parenthood & other matters that everyday couples experience. Join us as we journey through our life, the ups & downs and how we navigate it all.So who are we?Paula is originally from Western, NY, a school teacher and she's pretty cool. Kurtis is a Washington, DC native, businessman since the age of 13 and just a normal guy. We are a couple, married since 2007, with two children. Above all else, we have fun in life & in our marriage. Our secret to success? There is no secret... it's called planning, being intentional and knowing that in the end... it's the small things that really matter big.From episode to episode, we'll discuss our life, what's going on with our kids, our belief in a debt free life, vacations and more. Here's the good news... we don't want to sell you anything, convince you of anything and we don't do politics or religion. So tune in, have some fun and we hope to encourage you to become a regular listener of "The Kurtis & Paula Show!"Visit Our Website | www.kurtisandpaula.comConnect With Us Socially | Facebook, Twitter & IG @kurtisandpaulaEmail Us With Questions Or Episode Ideas |

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