Lead the Way with Bob Caron, Ginny Whitelaw and Guests explicit

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Most leaders struggle to stay effective and energized in these wildly disruptive times; we combine the Zen experience of interbeing with embodied leadership skills to strengthen their resonance and reduce stress, so they can lead with purpose, joy and resilience. Join Bob, Ginny and other guests in this podcast series as they bring a rare depth and breadth of experience from decades of Zen meditation, leadership experience, science and coaching. Their mission: to help you make your most significant difference, not as a frantic “I” trying to prove itself, but more as a force of nature. With humor and insight, they’ll tackle the everyday struggles of leading in what feels like a dumpster fire (“a good time to roast some marshmallows.”) Leading these campfire conversations, Bob is joined by Ginny and other guests who add insight, stories and strategies to help you lead the way in the best possible way, that is, without getting in your own way.

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