Worker's Liberation Coalition: Canadian Workers History and Current Struggles

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The untold story of ongoing and past Canadian worker's movements within Canada; as well as that of all forms of struggle and resistance against tyranny, oppression, and exploitation. 'The truth of our history' as it were, the history of all those who have graced the soil of this land and offered up a spirit of rebellion to build a better future. As part of ongoing efforts by the Workers Liberation Coalition to unify worker's of all backgrounds and ways of life, to form a united front to stand up for workers rights and our future, this podcast series will help to shed light on the side of Canada we've never been told about. The trials and efforts of our forefathers and any who have resisted against the colonial or capitalist system that exploits everyone of us and the very land beneath our feet. We hope to educate Canadian worker's on the past we have grown from, the struggles we currently are facing, and unite to build a better future for all who call this land home.

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