Sex, Drugs, and Jesus explicit

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Sex, Drugs, and Jesus embraces taboo topics and shares stories about surviving the social outskirts. De'Vannon has had a long journey of self-discovery including being kicked out of his church for his sexuality, serving in the military during “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” becoming a drug dealer and convict, contracting HIV and HEP B, being homeless, and ultimately rising from the social outskirts to become a healthy and insightful entrepreneur. Join De'Vannon as he interviews authors, podcasters and many others who bring valuable insight into issues that plague us and our loved ones in our daily lives and learn how to help yourself and those you care about in new and innovative ways. If you have an open mind or want to be more open minded, the Sex, Drugs, and Jesus Podcast is for you! Let's take a peek behind the curtain...

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