Lifegasm Book I: Marshall's Promise explicit

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In October, 2016 I looked death right in the eyeballs and the truth of the universe/ life/ love/ God/ infinity cracked open before me. Truth is the best news in the world (YOU CAN END YOUR SUFFERING RIGHT NOW!!!) (if your human rights aren't being violated), and this book is my best effort to sing its sweet melody from the rooftops. ******************************************** During my journey, I ended my marriage (amicably). I explored my sexuality (enthusiastically). And I carried on my shoulder an enormous, colorful sugar skull named Maestro—which I’ll explain later. I lived transiently (voluntarily) for the better part of a year, which got me asking A LOT of big questions about private property and human rights and legal versus spiritual freedom. And yet, from the heart of the storm that was my new life, I was finally at peace. I was finally in balance. I was finally... a homeless divorcee with no marketable skills?******************************************** Lifegasm Book I: Marshall’s Promise is the first of a three-book series. Each podcast episode is a chapter read aloud, and I recommend you start with the introduction and listen through chronologically. Questions? Find me @evywallace across all social media platforms or send me an email.

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