No One Dies from Divorce

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I’m Jill Coil, the author of the book and docuseries “No One Dies from Divorce.” But with the mental, emotional, financial, physical, and spiritual toll that divorce takes on people, the scope is so big that I decided to create a podcast, so this can be an ongoing conversation.Divorce sucks. I know because I’m a divorce attorney and have divorced hundreds of clients at this point. I also went through a separation myself with my husband. Though our journey ultimately did not end in divorce, it gave me personal insight and empathy into the pain and turmoil of my clients’ lives. So if I can use my experience to save you from some of the heartache, confusion, stress, anxiety, or unknowing, our sole mission for this podcast will have been met. Remember, I am an attorney, but I am not your attorney. I’m inviting other divorce attorneys, relationship experts, mental health professionals, fitness and health coaches, spiritual leaders, and financial advisors, as well as plenty of people just like you, who are going through or have been through divorce, to talk about their journeys.You’re not alone. You can do this. Let me help you to not only survive through, but also thrive after your divorce. We can use our trials as a pivot to become a better version of ourselves. Let’s get through this together.

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