Mormon Civil War

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This is a place for dialogue about 'Christians vs Pharisees: Choosing sides and how to fight for them in the Mormon Civil War' and other collaborations like 'The Loyal Opposition' where Peter Bleakley has teamed up with Nemo the Mormon. At current rates of decline in active membership the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will functionally cease to exist in Europe, most of the rest of the world and several regions of the USA in the next 10-15 years, so radical reforms need to happen now if it is to survive, and it may already too late. The vast majority of members have already left the Church globally, including 80% of the young people raised in it, and recently leaked data has revealed that in my homeland of the UK and the Republic of Ireland we are down to less than 15% of our members active and it is falling fast. The stats across the rest of Europe are similar. I will be discussing not only what the General Authorities and local leaders and members have to stop doing and saying to choose Christian Mormonism instead of Pharisee Mormonism (and stop trying to teach and practice both at once and failing), but also the positive changes that need to happen radically and fast to have this amazing religion with so much positive potential survive and thrive in the real world of the 21st Century. What do you think it will take?

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