Weight Loss for Quilters

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The Weight Loss for Quilters podcast is for quilters that find themselves hiding behind their stitching and quilts because of their constant battle with weight loss. Today’s society has made weight loss way more complicated than it needs to be but the fact of the matter is this….losing weight is like learning a new skill just like a half square triangle or learning how to free motion quilt. Join Dara Tomasson, long arm quilter turned weight loss and life coach each week as she breaks down the simple and effective way to lose weight and keep it off for good...all while creating more joy and peace in your life . Each episode is designed to help you build the skills you need to lose weight, develop a whole new level of confidence and liberate your free motion quilting skills. You may even find yourself wanting to try new things other than just going to shop hops and organizing your stash… although that never gets old. For more info on how quilters like you are losing weight and keeping it off for good visit daratomasson.com for more information.

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