3 THINGS TO KNOW... The Presentation of Your Home, It Can Make or Break the Sale

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The Presentation of your home,
It can make or break the sale.
The Presentation of your home is the 2nd of the 3P’s to get your best terms and premium price. We touched on all 3 P’a in episode 62.
They where
1- Preparation
2- Presentation
3- Pricing
How and why does presentation make a difference between homes that are and aren’t selling right away?
For the best Presentation of your home:
#1- The Media creates the impression
#2- The Story creates the appeal
#3- The Showings create the experience
To get your best terms and premium price.
Sellers often hear stick to the protocol.
Why do what everyone else is doing, when your results could be far better?
For Jere’s detailed notes, visit: e65notes3thingstoknow.jmpartners.io
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