117: Building a business case with your champion (Nate Nasralla, Founder @ Fluint)

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  • Include a short, one-page memo in your calendar invite so they can digest what you want to communicate. Then start your meeting 5 minutes later and dig right in.
  • Create your business case in Mad Lib Style. Start with a framework and fill in the gaps as you go through the call, helping to build out the storyline.
  • Use language in your business case that's internal to the buying team, weaving trigger words or trigger phrases that are going to signal to an executive that you're aligned with a priority they care about.
  • When meeting with ‘below the line' buyers, find 1-2 workflows they spend 80% of their week in. Ask them to demo how that works today. After they share their screen, share yours, give them screen control, and guide them through that task in your product.


  • Founder @ Fluint
  • Chief Growth Officer @ GAN
  • Managing Director, Enterprise Division @ Network for Good
  • Director, Business Development @ Tiesta Tea Company



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