Collectively Us - Unpacking Racism

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Conversations about race, racism, and racial justice are more important than ever. The Collectively Us - Unpacking Racism podcast series is designed to move audiences fromskepticism about the existence of discrimination or our ability to do anything about it into a frame of mind that is more solution-oriented. The podcast’s goal is to model how to have difficult conversations and encourage others to do the same. Collectively Us is an opportunity to have conversations that start with respect, trust, and shared values that matter. This approach helps us hear each other’s messages more effectively and emphasize society’s role in affording a fair chance to everyone. While the podcast’s goal is to have an open dialogue about the complex topic of race, the intention is to educate others about why the conversation is essential and how to have conversations in their own lives. By modeling the way, we can inspire others to learn and grow to understand how their differences are strengths rather than challenges. We are seeking to educate both Black and White individuals about race relations and how to understand each other better. The listener will be educated about the different views on race relations, gain a better understanding of historical context and how it impacts where we are today. The audience will also have an opportunity to listen to a conversation as an opener to dialogue in their own world, and be provided with resources to begin conversations. This exciting series continues the conversation about subjects ranging from stereotypes to White Supremacy. Julie and Ryon unpack these subjects in an open, honest and educational fashion while adding levity and vulnerability to the subject matter. These twoadvocates hope that listeners can glean something useful by showing people how they do it and apply it in their own lives with their colleagues, friends, and loved ones.

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