Lead With Trust For Construction Leaders

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High trust = High construction performance!! Trust is the new currency of construction leadership - as we move more toward collaborative delivery. Your business, team, projects, and alliances all reflect your leadership style and abilities. Sue Dyer’s Top 40 Management podcast (awarded by iTunes on debut); Lead with Trust Podcast explores how you can level up TRUST in your business so you transform your results. This podcast is for: Public and Private Facility Owners, General Contractors, Builders, Subcontractors, Construction Managers, Architects, Engineers, Design Sub consultants, Materials Suppliers, Equipment Suppliers, Technology Suppliers, and any business that serves the construction industry. Sue Dyer is also the author of the #2 Wall Street Journal best-selling book; The Trusted Leader which is based on her 35 years of working with construction leaders and their teams. She is known as “the Godmother of Partnering” and you can learn more about how she and her team can help your leaders develop more trust in the workplace here: https://sudyco.com/

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