The Corporate Escapee

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Are you considering leaving or have left big corporate? Do you have 10+ years of experience? If you answered YES to both then this is the podcast for you. We show you how expert-based freelancing can be your ticket to freedom, flexibility, and financial independence. Our goal is to help freelancers, contractors, independents & side-hustlers breakthrough and build the businesses they want and take control of their destiny In the podcast the host, Brett Trainor a fellow corporate escapee, will interview: • Best Selling Authors • Subject Matter Experts to share the latest tactics and strategies that will help you succeed • Freelancers that have broken through and created a life they wanted- all without employees. They will share what they learned and provide practical advice • Lastly- I will share my failures and what I learned from them and what worked for me. In each episode, we cover topics such as how to get more customers, pricing, business models, productivity systems and tools, and other topics that will help you breakthrough.

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