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Welcome to the Eureka with Ellicia podcast, I’m your host Ellicia Turner, and I’m your expert on all things life coaching and creating lasting confidence. I teach ambitious people how to start having their own backs so they can stop settling for less and find out what’s really possible for them. On this podcast I’ve compiled all of my breakthroughs and confidence building discoveries, and what I'm referring to as my enlightening eurekas, so that you may have everything you need to build the future you really want. If you are sick tired of trying and failing at feeling better, or changing your bad habits, or finding the tools that actually fucking work, then you’re in the right place. If you want some answers as to why you feel so stressed out and overwhelmed and discontent in your current life then look no further. On this podcast you will learn exactly how to start managing your thoughts, navigating your negative emotions, and building a new identity that suits the most authentic version you. These are the only tools you will ever need right here. Join me each week as we talk about how easy it really is to regain access to your power, freedom and joy. It’s going to be spiritual, silly and scientific. If that sounds right up your alley then I invite you to come join me on my mission to raise the collective level of consciousness on this planet. I will be combining my unique expertise in quantum physics, life coaching, a course in miracles and mediocre comedy. You will laugh your ass off while your mind is blown. Think of me as your new best friend/life coach that has every last answer you’ve been looking for. I’m here to show you that anything is possible for you, my love. You CAN have everything you want, so why not have some fun and make it look easy along the way? You ready? Go to for more information on how we can work together.

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