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Simple Systems with Sam knows that you don’t have time for your to-do list, let alone figuring out how to maximize the crazy schedule of teacher-moms. Instead, you need a friend who can help with quick and actionable steps, has made (and learned from) all the mistakes, and reads all the personal development books for you. Sam Holcomb delivers bite size simple steps to put systems, productivity, and efficiency into every part of your life without the drama. Learning all about lean manufacturing and engineered projects in school felt worlds apart from the career change to teaching high school science while raising 3 kids under 5…or was it? From the factory floor to your home and classroom, Sam will show you how to utilize the same ideas that help corporations cut millions of lost hours to save your own sanity. Follow Samantha on social media and YouTube @EngineerDoesEducation and don’t forget to head to to get connected to the email list where you can get bonus Simple Steps.

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