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Fantasy Fiction & Novel Writing for Authors in Training Are you a mom of an avid reader with an active imagination? Do you want to nurture your child’s creativity, but you’re not sure how to help him turn his fantasy world into a quality story others can enjoy? Do you want your child to learn from a Christian author you can trust to teach storytelling from a Biblical worldview? Then welcome to Published Before College, the podcast with short and entertaining shows for authors in training. Through these episodes, your child will learn how to hone his creative writing skills so he can go from avid reader to stellar storyteller to published author before he even steps foot on a college campus. I’m your host D.K. Drake, author of the Dragon Stalker Bloodlines Saga. (Full disclosure: D.K. Drake is a pen name. Listen to episode one to discover my true identity and find out why I chose to use a pen name.) As fantasy author DK Drake, my mission is to bring you entertaining, engaging, wholesome adventures too packed with action to leave room for eye-rolling sappiness or mind-numbing fluff. As a creative writing coach, my mission is to help young authors find their voice, craft captivating stories, and take ownership of the publishing process. You see, I struggled to understand my God-given strength of storytelling when I was a kid despite my wild imagination and creative soul. It wasn’t until I was a senior in college mere months away from graduation that I realized my deep desire to be an author. Then it took another decade or so of struggle to figure out how to bring that dream to life. This podcast is designed to help your child skip those unnecessary struggles I went through and discover that his imagination is a gift God wants to use now, not decades from now. That’s why I will challenge him to put creative writing strategies into action as we build stories together. Then he’ll learn how to package and publish those stories so he can boldly share them with the world. I’ll also read my own books one chapter at a time, sharing an insider tip about that chapter in each reading episode because behind-the-scenes stuff is fun. Adventure awaits, so ignite your imagination, latch on to that dragon swooping overhead, and let the storytelling quest begin. It’s time to play in our own fabulous fantasy worlds. Explore the official online fantasy world of Author DK Drake here: []( Snag one or all of the Dragon Stalker books here: Join the Help! My Kid Wants to Write a Book Community here:

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