Shattered into Beautiful: Discover The Gift Of Healing, Purpose, And Spiritual Growth Through Biblical Coaching. Experience Freedom From Abortion, Grief, Infertility, Depression, And So Much More...

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Shattered into Beautiful Podcast with Jeannie Smith Wife* Mom* Author* Speaker*Lover of Jesus* Biblical Healing Coach* Abortion Recovery Facilitator* Ministry Leader* Founder/CEO of Coastline Women’s Center and Smith Evangelistic Ministries Are you ready to live in freedom? To be truly healed? Do you want your mirror to reflect an inner beauty that has been missing? Are you ready to receive your miracle? In this podcast you will discover a friend who will connect with your heart as I share my own personal stories and cover a variety of relatable topics. Through Biblical content, I will teach you how to leave your pain in the past, help you discover the free gift of healing and how to soar into great purpose! For years I suffered emotional pain surrounding bad choices in my life, including an abortion. My identity was destroyed and stolen. I finally realized my need for healing and when I courageously took steps forward and trusted someone to help me, miracles happened! Not only was I healed, but my identity was restored. Then God began using me to inspire and change the lives of so many around me by sharing some strategic simple truths He taught me, and now I want to share them with YOU! This is where healing begins and stories become legacy! No matter what your painful circumstances are, there is only one Healer and He has got you covered! He has a gift of healing just for YOU! To Connect: Community: Email: Twitter: @Jeanniessmith Instagram: jeanniesmith_sem

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