EP.36 [CN] - Yuan: 聊聊要制定全球物联网标准的Helium网络 / On the Global IoT Standard-setting Helium Network

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人们对最近由 a16z 领投的 Helium 融资轮感到非常兴奋。因此今天我采访了Helium中国区负责人Yuan,请他向我们的听众介绍了与Helium相关的所有基本知识。

我们回顾了 Helium Inc 的历史,以及 Helium 自 2019 年推出基于区块链网络以来所取得的进展。 为了帮助听众更好地了解物联网网络世界,Yuan 对 Starlink 和 Helium 网络进行了比较。

我们还讨论了 Helium 在过去 3 年中取得的重要里程碑,以及 Helium 选择开源硬件的原因。 Yuan 还揭开了 Helium 的 lora-WAN 网络在现实世界中的潜在需求的神秘面纱,并列出了一些非常有前景的网络使用领域。

Yuan还谈了本轮融资的潜在用途,以及未来 Helium 的战略计划。最后,我们讨论了 Helium Inc.(公司)和 DeWi 联盟(Helium基金会,DAO)之间的关系——我认为这种关系可以成为 DAO 历史上的一个案例研究。

网站: https://Helium.com / https://www.dewi.org/

推特: @helium / @dewialliance


重要声明:Mable Jiang或嘉宾在播客中的观点仅代表他们的个人看法,并不代表Multicoin Capital官方的观点。此播客仅用于提供信息,不作为投资参考。Multicoin Capital有时可能会在此节目中讨论的某些代币或公司中持有头寸。

People were quite excited by the recent fundraising round of Helium led by a16z. So today I interviewed Yuan, Head of China of Helium, about all the fundamental stuffs related to Helium for our listeners.

We reviewed the history of Helium Inc, and the progress Helium made ever since it launched its blockchain-based network in 2019. To help our listeners better understand the world of IoT networks, Yuan compared and contrast Starlink and Helium network.

We also talked about the important milestones that Helium hit over the past 3 years, and why Helium went for opensource hardware. Yuan also demystified the potential demand of Helium's lora-WAN network in the real world, and listed a few highly promising areas of usage of the network.

Yuan also debriefed the potential use of proceeds of the funding round, and the upcoming strategic plans for Helium. At the end, we discussed the relationship between the Helium Inc., (company) and the DeWi Alliance (DAO) - a relationship that I think can become a case study in the DAO history.

Website: https://Helium.com / https://www.dewi.org/

Twitter: @helium / @dewialliance

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