EP.38 [CN] - Frank Lou: Unipass and its Vision for Web 3.0 Mass Adoption / 知县:Unipass 与它的Web 3.0 大规模应用愿景

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在这一集中,知县介绍了 Lay2 团队的背景,并解释了他们在 2017 年决定加入区块链行业的原因。他与我们讨论了 Portal Wallet 的产品以及它的发展如何指向 Unipass 产品的构思。

知县谈到了他对 Web 3.0 如何达到与移动互联网相同的大规模采用水平的看法,并提到了 Unipass 的一些用例。他还解释了产品的安全假设和私钥存储解决方案。具体地,他解释了为什么电子邮件作为一种持续了 50 年的协议是跨越 Web 2.0 和 3.0 的标准。

然后我们讨论了 Web 3.0 中的身份,链上信誉的存在形式,以及像 Y.at 这样的新产品(人们为什么愿意为此付费)。我们还谈到了人们在不同区块链上聚合他们的信誉的潜在可能性。

知县 还谈到了他以去中心化方式运营团队的经验,这对于想要去中心化运营团队的创业者来说可能非常有意义。

推特: @Lay2dev


Unipass 简介:https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/V2RPyYik44HfFQcnGOoRiQ
UniPass - 让区块链和用户没有距离: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/S-6uFve2FUeqCsThbTdPuQ
Web3 探索 - 畅想新一代互联网图景: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/R4xGEk7MJjzZeEmzFMwQrA


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In this episode, Frank introduced Lay2 team's background and explained why they decided to join crypto back in 2017. He discussed with us the product of Portal Wallet and how its development led to the ideation of Unipass.

Frank talked about his view about how Web 3.0 could get to the same level of adoption of the mobile internet, and mentioned a few use cases of Unipass. He also explained the security assumption and private key storage solution of the product. Specifically, he explained why email as a protocol that lasted for 50 years is a standard that crossed Web 2.0 and 3.0.

We then talked about the identity in Web 3.0, the form of on-chain credentials / identity, and new products like Y.at (why are people paying for it). We also touched upon the potential likelihood of peopel aggregating their credentials across different blockchains.

Frank also talked about his experience operating the team team in a decentralized way, which could be immensely meaningful for entrepreneurs that want to decentralize their team.

Twitter: @Lay2dev

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