#70 Tuesday Show | Sick Solo Shorties

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I know, I know.. we said no show but here we are!

Matty B couldn't resist and had to talk about the Warriors and Mavericks going out it in the West! Contributions from top to bottom for the Warriors has them a head, neck and shoulders in front of the Mavericks. Even Luka Doncic and his brilliance cannot save them right now it seems!

However, out in the East, we have a B-A-T-T-L-E! Miami throws a punch and Boston counters. The Heat and Celtics are going hard for each other's throats and defence is the order for every day. Miami sets a franchise postseason high of 19 steals and Boston still almost gets the win.. how does that even happen?

All this is spoken about and more, including the Magic Johnson and Larry Bird MVP favourites, on this short round ball pod!

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