#73 Thursday Show | Biceps and Boondas

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On the Thursday show we are here and we o it for all things oval ball!

The boys start with a little dribble as always and wonder what the world would look like if you decided everything on having the biggest biceps. Then we get into the nitty-gritty stuff! The Yeah/Nah Report (11:44) kicks of some fiery discussion about Ryan Matterson to the Dolphins and Payne Haas contract negotiation stalls. The boys then take a deep dive into Origin and break down the NSW Blues and QLD Maroons 22-man squads!

After much discussion, and unnecessary hatred toward Jeremiah Nanai, the boys move onto their 3 favourite segments (42:48) of the Team of the Week, Fantasy Update and Friday Footy Tip Off. Matty B reminisces about what was and has a moment for his North Queensland Cowboys who were wrongly done in at BlueBet Stadium by Lach's Penrith Panthers. The king suffers another wound in fantasy and the top of the table is getting pretty sharp and pointy!

The Reviews (46:46) do not get a lot of air time except for one of the greatest try celebrations of all time coinciding with one of the greatest bed-shit's of all time. Yes, of course we are talking Gold Coast Titans versus the Brisbane Broncos as Justin Holbrook finds himself in the hottest water he ever has! From there, there is a little Preview talk (58:24) but not a lot to cover as it is the BYE week!

Origin is among us and boy it feels good!

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