Andy Saunders: the custom car legend

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Andy Saunders is a legendary custom car creator, with more than 60 unique builds to his name – including the odd entry into the Guinness World Records no less – in the last 40 years. Andy describes the determination it takes to build such outrageously creative cars time and again, with much of his work still surviving in various collections around the world.

Andy shares his story of building some of the best known custom cars to grace the covers of Custom Car and Street Machine magazines. Do you remember ‘Mini Haha’ or The 3 wheeler Speedboat ‘Run a ground’? These are just two of the amazing cars he has built. Join us for the whirlwind story of Andy’s illustrious career of a car artist.

We also announce the winner of the Porsche Classic Partner giveaway of the model 911 Carrera RSR Turbo.

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