Ep 206 CCA Dietitians and The New Labelling Guide

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On this episode I’m speaking with Nicole Byrom RD, and Caleigh McAulay, dietitians with the Canadian Celiac Association. At the CCA’s recent virtual conference, Nicole and Caleigh presented the new CCA Labelling Guide, which, although there have not been new regulations on gluten labelling, clarifies many of the questions Nicole and Caleigh regularly receive. We talk about the term “may contain” and levels of risk involved in certain labelling terminology used in Canada. You can access their presentation and print out the guide at -



As well, Caleigh spoke to me about the CCA’s Gluten Free Product Finder, which lists all the foods bearing the gluten free certification from the CCA.


There is a new app for your phone which will replace the pocket dictionary from CCA to determine if an ingredient is gluten free.


One question that is often asked of both Nicole and Caleigh is about eating out or ordering food for delivery. This subject was well covered by Ellen Bayens of http://www.theceliacscene.com during the recent conference and you can view her presentation at -


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