Acts | Chapter 7 Pt. XIII (Don’t Miss Out On Any God Given Opportunity)

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Morning Bible Study ~

What's your choice than to either walk in humility, drawing closer to God; or remain in rage, hardening of the heart and being stiff-necked? Be careful how you hear; when the Pharisees, Sadducees and Scribes heard the Holy Spirit speaking through Stephen, they should have said, "That's the Holy Spirit's voice hold up, Pump the brakes. I've read this. And, that was always being said to someone who was going against God." It was never being said to someone who was doing the will of the Father, operating or functioning in the name of God. It was always someone who was in an adversarial position to the Lord; and it cost them, causing them to miss out on the wonderful opportunity to be regained as a child of the Lord Most High.

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