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Hey Dirtbags! I have a really special episode for you all this week and that's because our guest is none other than James Munoz. Growing up in Arizona, I used to see James and his band, The Bled, play as often as I possibly could. I've probably seen them as many times, if not more, than any other band. I was so stoked when he agreed to talk with me and even more so when we really hit it off. We talked for around 2.5 hours about The Bled, his new band XED OUT, and how the transition into standup comedy felt really natural after paying in a band for so long. We probably could've talked for much longer, but we wanted to keep the listener (you) in mind. I don't want to go too much into detail here, because the conversation was that good you should just really jump into it. While you all enjoy my conversation with James, I'll be over here channeling my 17-year old self to really soak in how fucking cool life is sometimes because I get to do stuff like this.

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