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Hello my fellow Dirtbags and Dirtbaguettes, Dirtborgs, and Dirtbogs. I’m very excited for this week’s episode of A Dirtbag’s Guide because I got to interview none other than my friend, Joe Reinhart. While he’s pretty well known for being a pretty damn good friend, he’s probably better known for being the guitarist/producer of the bands Hop Along and Algernon Caldwaller, as well as the producer and engineer of a plethora of bops to come out of the studio he co-owns The Headroom Philadelphia, which is where he helped bring my new record, Honeysuckle Summer, to life.

I was lucky enough to have a couple days off tour in Salt Lake City and Hop Along was playing in town one of those nights. I got tickets to the show, rolled a couple of joints, and while standing in the sweet spot at Urban Lounge (right in front of the sound booth), watched them proceed to tear the house down. Joe and I briefly met that night and a number of months later, I asked him to produce my new record. I was in the middle of a few pretty dull weeks and really needing a win when the email from Joe agreeing to do it came through. It was just the win I needed to pull me out of it. Honeysuckle Summer wouldn’t be the album it is without his capable hands at the helm, so I’m pretty thrilled to have him here to talk about it on A Dirtbag’s Guide.

We cover a lot of ground in our conversation, from recording the new record, to Joe’s background and lifelong music career. It was real cool to sit down and catch up with my buddy Joe and I hope you enjoy it!

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