S5-Ep10: Beholder! But the Regular Kind

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The heroes go toe to toe with a beholder in the city of the Blinding Bay. The villains get a travel check! I’m sure it’ll be great. Then they head on to the Koss Plate.
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Malphaedor Bromroyo - voiced by Mike Cole
Ingvald Porter Altbier - voiced by Wes "William" Whitman
Thadeus Trebilcock - voiced by Chris Johnson
Francis the Lion - voiced by Tony Kinney
Ayda - voiced by Jess Owen
Hesh Von Eggars - voiced by Shamas Rodriguez
DM - Nico Rodriguez
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Music Provided in part by Midnight Syndicate. www.MidnightSyndicate.com
Additional music provided by Algal the Bard. www.youtube.com/user/alvariu

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