"Eddie and the Cruisers" (1983) #1 | Bruce Springsteen | Arthur Rimbaud | P.F. Kluge

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This movie is very special to me and so are the songs on the soundtrack. I hope you like this episode, much of it recorded months ago. There will be at least one or two more coming soon.

It's funny, because my original intent was to publish a multi-hour episode on "Eddie &..." with a brief mention of "Streets of Fire" at the end, since Michael Pare stars in both films. But S.o.F. ended up being a whole big thing of its own on the last 2 episodes and now I'm finally releasing the "Eddie" stuff in small bits to make it feel like less of a heavy lift, due to so many moving parts in my approach to this film and the source material. I really appreciate you listening, especially if you're new to the series! Next episode will delve deeper into the experience of filming and the reception of the music and rock journo douche-chill-invoking comparisons to "The Boss". I'm gonna get a lot more cranky on that one ;) Buy the original novel because it is good, if you're bad.

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