Go-Go's Part 2 | Satisfaction/Girls of Summer (1988) | Jem and The Holograms (1985-88) | Valley Girl (1983, 2020)

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This one is truly, truly, truly outrageous like fer SHUR! 2nd warning in a row that you will hear a bonanza of F-Bombs from yours truly on this one. You'll get lots of the usual side trips into various major events of the life of the band in question along with reviews/history of Satisfaction, Valley Girl and Jem & The Holograms (the show, not the movie). You'll also hear as I get louder and more random in my live observations about Britta Phillips and Justine Bateman's performances as band members onscreen. Be thank-filled that I don't record every episode this late at night with friends and drinks around. Check out Will, Stacey and Murdock's bands: http://deathbyoverkill.com/, https://furnituregirls.com/ , http://www.theadarna.com/

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