45: Texas Abortion Bill, Twitch Boycott, Benyamin Ahmed‘s Weird Whales and REACT Device.

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Texas passes an abortion law that stops people from having an abortion after six weeks, causing mass discussion in the United States and worldwide. A day boycott for Twitch illustrates yet again how online platforms are getting it wrong when trying to combat online hate. Meanwhile, Benyamin Ahmed is the latest success story for NFTs, maybe pointing towards an NFT future and Loughborough student/graduate Joseph Bentley creates a device to help with stab wounds. In other news, the Taliban is slowly forming a government in Afghanistan, with Dominic Raab saying that the UK must engage with them in this “new reality”, as Scotland flirts with the idea of a four-day week and six months after Sarah Everard’s death, a survey finds that nearly half of women feel unsafe on the streets.

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