Women’s Journey to Success: Roadblocks to Building Blocks in Business with Patty Block

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Whether it’s a side hustle, a small racket, or you’re operating a wealth machine, running a business can be nerve-wracking and often stressful. In modern work culture, the term “multitasking” has been overused to the point that it’s counterproductive. Doing all things at once and not prioritizing your mental health can be detrimental to you and your future. Today we’re joined by an amazing woman and a hotshot entrepreneur who’s proved to support women in their thriving business, Patty Block. In 2006, Patty founded The Block Group to empower women-owned businesses and bring unique solutions, especially to the complex issues in the industry. And most importantly, her organization is on the lookout to bring in more revenue with little to no stress involved. Catch her in our talk today. --- Listen to the podcast here: Women’s Journey to Success: Roadblocks to Building Blocks in Business with Patty Block Welcome to Actions-Antidotes, your antidote to the mindset that keeps you settling for less. A lot of us on our journeys are going to be building something, building a business, or building something similar, whether it be a side hustle or your main hustle. One of the problems that a lot of people encounter, especially when your business is a side hustle and you need other forms of revenue to keep yourself afloat, is stress. We, oftentimes, have a lot on our plates. Our work, our side hustles are not the only things we have on our plates. Oftentimes, we have family. We have other social and community obligations. Those things are important as well. My guest today, Patty Block, is the founder of The Block Group. Her organization helps women entrepreneurs bring in more revenue without creating more stress. Yes, they don't have to go hand in hand. At least, that's what Patty has to say for you today. --- Patty, welcome to the program. Thank you. I'm glad to be here. Definitely. Thank you for joining us. One of the things I'm wondering is, your main message here is that you don't have to create more stress to create more revenue. What does that generally look like? What should the average person be thinking that that means to create more revenue in their business without creating more stress? There are several pieces to that. I think everything starts with pricing. The people that I typically work with are women business owners who are experts in their fields -- a lot of accountants, attorneys, engineers, and PR and marketing professionals. The market is screaming at us to get bigger to scale. That's, of course, the jargon that everybody uses, "We have to grow and scale." Yep. Everyone wants to scale, Have it be a unicorn. Exactly. First of all, not everyone wants that. Secondly, there's a lot of shoulds in that, "We should get bigger. We should do these certain things," just like "We should spend a lot of money on marketing." For most of the people I know, those marketing strategies don't work. They're very expensive, so we're pouring a lot of money into that. There are things that work better, especially for women, that focus on how you can bring in more money, but not add to your stress of juggling all these different issues, and family, and business. Once you add a lot of employees to the mix and you have management responsibilities, that creates a tremendous amount of stress. It's really finding the right balance for you as a person and you as a business owner.Click To Tweet One message I'm hearing, which I'd like to reiterate for my audience, is you don't have to scale. You don't have to become a unicorn. I'm sure there's plenty of people -- maybe their dream is to start their own business and run an operation where they employ four or five people, and have $1 million a year in revenue, and that's all they really want. One of the things you're saying, it sounds like, is that that's okay. Stop pressuring yourself to do what the Silicon-Valley-type lingo ...

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