The Universe Moves with Number and Principle (Part 1) | In Conversation with Deborah Woolf

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Within Chinese philosophy, numerology describes a journey from the unmanifest to the manifest; a journey from the universal spark to the manifestation of Heaven and Earth, space and time; a journey that documents the creation of the five elements in Heaven, on Earth and within Man as we know and use them in practice. Today, Deborah Woolf takes us on a fascinating journey through numerology, space and time, and Wu Yun Liu Qi (Stems and Branches) – the root of five element acupuncture. In today's episode, we discuss the following:

  • Yang and Yin – expansion and contraction; the clear and the turbid; spirit and form.
  • Numerology within Chinese philosophy.
  • Li Qi Shu – the universe moves with number, rhythm and proportion.
  • The importance of the words that we use in practice and the problems that we encounter in translating the classical texts.
  • Yi (oneness) and Qian (one).
  • Heaven, Earth and Man vs. Heaven, Man and Earth – prenatal vs. postnatal.
  • Si Fang – The Four Directions.
  • Si De – The Four Heavenly Virtues.
  • The Five Elements on Three Levels – Heaven, Earth and Man:
    • the five archetypes of the five elements (Heaven).
    • the five heavens (Earth).
    • the five elements (Man).
  • Wu Yun Liu Qi (Stems and Branches):
    • the root of five element acupuncture.
    • space and time.
    • spirit and form – treating at a constitutional, emotional and/or physical level.

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