#114 Six Nations, Super Bowl, FAI Bail Out

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The Six Nations is here and it is well in itself, French kissed to life on Sunday in Paris with the home side's win over England. Ireland's campaign got off to a steady start on Saturday, eventually overcoming a physical Scotland side but picking up some body blows along the way. Gavin Cummiskey and Gerry Thornley are in studio to break it all down and to look ahead to Wales's visit to Dublin next Saturday. The FAI have received a bail-out that we're not supposed to call a bail-out, to the tune of somewhere north of €30m. With its immediate future apparently secured, the game can breathe a sigh of relief and set about putting its house in order over the coming months. Emmet Malone has the details and he joins us on the line.. Add in some SuperBowl chat - Hail to the Chiefs! - and that's your Monday morning Added Time, with Malachy Clerkin and Pat Nugent.

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