#117 Six Nations: A Familiar Story at Twickenham; GAA: Charging Galwegians, A Blight on Hurling

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Stop all the clocks. Turn off the Tweet machine. Rugby is goosed, ruined and everything in between. England have beaten us to a bloody pulp and nothing remains but entrails and outrage. Gerry Thornley and Gavin Cummiskey are in studio to pick over the carcass of Twickenham. It's gonna get grim, baby. It's gonna get grim. Keith Duggan was in Tuam yesterday to see the flourishing of Galway as contenders. They put the hurt on Tyrone to the tune of 19 points, the biggest defeat of Mickey Harte's time in charge. Can they go all the way? What's the difference between them and the league's other form side, Monaghan? All this - plus an impassioned plea in favour of the black card from a Hurling Man - in your Monday Added Time, with Malachy Clerkin and Pat Nugent. Hurling: 0.30 Rugby: 9.00 Football: 33.00

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