#96 Typhoon Watch, Superstar Aaron Connolly, Glorious Ciara Mageean

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Fake news is alive and well and it's taking over the Rugby World Cup. Despite reports that the sky is falling in over in Japan, Gavin Cummiskey is here to reassure one and all that Ireland are not going to be typhooned out of the competition this weekend. Contingency plans are in place and the road to a glorious quarter-final exit is secure for now. Meanwhile, back this side of the globe, we have a new football superstar. Emmet Malone joins us from Abbotstown where Aaron Connolly has just been called into the Ireland squad for the Georgia/Switzerland double-header after his man of the match performance for Brighton against Spurs on Saturday. All this plus the glory of Ciara Macgeean on your Monday Added Time, with Malachy Clerkin and Pat Nugent. Times: 05:37 Rugby 23:21 Football

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