#104 World Cup Wrap, Hockey Heroines

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Some weeks, the whole thing is like trying to fit a quart into a pint pot. The amount of sport that fizzed around the place over the weekend is almost too much - but we've done our best in your Monday Added Time. Forgive us our misses. Gerry Thornley and Gavin Cummiskey run the rule over the World Cup final in our last rugby pod for, oh, a fortnight or so. South Africa are world champions but it's a complicated story to cheer for. Meanwhile, England look to have played their final in the semi-final - the lads assess the mental mistakes that led to their downfall. Mary Hannigan is in studio to break down a famous weekend for Irish hockey as the women’s team qualify for the Olympics for the first time. It's the end of a long road and Mary has been on it with them for over two decades of reporting on the Irish team. On a grey morning in Dublin, it's the brightest spot around. All this plus Katie Taylor's latest world title in your Monday Added Time, with Malachy Clerkin and Pat Nugent.

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