#107 Champions Cup Nail-Biters, Larkham's Impact, The Lost Cavan Footballer

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Rugby with Garry Thornley and Gavin Cummiskey at 7.15 Paul Fitzpatrick on Cavan footballer Charlie Gallagher at 31.30 Munster gonna Munster. The ghosts of winter Saturday Nights Past came calling as Thomond Park rocked to another nail-biting Champions Cup encounter, this time against Racing 92. Gerry Thornley and Gavin Cummiskey are in studio to break down the rugby weekend that was, with a fair amount of excitement at the already clear impact of Stephen Larkham. We also delve into Joe Schmidt's book, released last week to a very mixed reception. Charlie Gallagher was the iconic Cavan footballer of the 1960s but somewhere along the way he got lost to the ages. Paul Fitzpatrick has written a beautiful biography of one of the greatest Ulster players in history, a celebrity in his own time who came to a sad end in later years. Paul joins us to tell a story not many people know or will have heard of. All this - plus Brendan Maher and the charms of winter hurling - in your Monday Added Time, with Malachy Clerkin and Pat Nugent.

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