EP. 151: ADHD Moms, What Really Matters? with Patricia Sung

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The role of motherhood constantly shifts as our children grow up and move through different stages of life, and then when they leave the nest that shift becomes more like a giant leap. My guest this episode, the wonderful Patricia Sung, has two young children who are still very much “in the nest.” Patricia reached out to me with an interesting question that I knew had to become the topic for our conversation: “When you’re looking back and your kids are out of the house, what really mattered?”

Patricia is a podcaster herself and her work is aimed at helping other ADHD mothers get their “crap” together (as she puts it). She has built a supportive community of women, something she says has been integral to her own motherhood journey. Join us as we chat about our different perspectives on parenthood and Patricia shares her thoughts on how to let go of perfectionism and start seeing ourselves as the amazing mothers we already are.


Instagram: @motherhoodinadhd

Website (with free resources): motherhoodinadhd.com

Courses: ADHD Courses for Moms

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