Episode 7: Life as a Young, Single Mother (with Suzie Shelburn)

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I had a couple of problems with yesterday's upload, so Laura and I will postpone our chat until she is available again. In the meanwhile, here's a little something to hold you over! Today, I had a fun sit down with Suzie as we discussed her life as a Young mother, including some of the social challenges and how she's developed such a positive outlook on life. We also chatted a bit about our day (tacos and thrift shops!) and enjoyed candy apples, which led to it's own form of mid-podcast banter. Enjoy! Listen Everywhere! https://soundcloud.com/coffeebreakwithmarcusbell/episode7 Check out Suzie on the interwebs: https://www.instagram.com/suzie.shelburn Please Like/Subscribe/Follow/Share the Show! SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/coffeebreakwithmarcusbell Facebook: facebook.com/coffeebreakwithmarcusbell/ Instagram: @wangchoko Twitter: @wang_choko Snapchat: @chokoking Have any suggestions for the show? Feel free to write in at: coffeebreakpodcastwmb@gmail.com

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