Episode 8: Yoga & Meditation, Part 2 (with Natalie Khan)

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I had another sit down with my good friend, yoga and meditation teacher, Nat Khan, to pick up where we left off last time discussing yoga and meditation. This episode focuses on the value of getting away and how we can find opportunities both on a daily basis and in larger sense to escape and reset. We also talked about why getting away is valuable and some actionable ways to take advantage of time away. We also talked specifically about her upcoming retreat and some of the things she has in store next month! In addition to her contact information, I've also included a link to Nat's Insight Timer! Insight Timer is a social media app for meditation. It links you to thousands of other people who meditate as well as teachers, such as Nat, who can give you a guided meditation experience. Listen Everywhere! https://soundcloud.com/coffeebreakwithmarcusbell/episode8 Check out Natalieon the interwebs: Instagram: www.instagram.com/yogardenshine Website: www.yogardenshine.com Insight Timer: http://insig.ht/yogardenshine Please Like/Subscribe/Follow/Share the Show! SoundCloud: @coffeebreakwithmarcusbell Facebook: facebook.com/coffeebreakwithmarcusbell/ Instagram: instagram.com/wangchoko Twitter: twitter.com/wang_choko Snapchat: @chokoking Have any suggestions for the show? Feel free to write in at: coffeebreakpodcastwmb@gmail.com

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